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Immigration Reform

The United States immigration system fails to meet the current needs of our businesses, our workers and our economy. The Business Council of Westchester strongly supports comprehensive immigration reform that goes beyond border security and workplace enforcement measures. Comprehensive reform must create effective legal avenues for people to enter and leave the United States and allow those already contributing to our society to earn permanent residency.

The Business Council supports the development of appropriate temporary and permanent employment-based via categories to encompass a wide range of skills, along with provisions for sufficient number of visas based on market demand. The visa programs, especially the H-1B program for foreign skilled workers, must remain flexible and accessible. We endorse the development of an effective, secure and workable computerized verification system to enable employers to accurately and fairly determine the legal status of potential employees.

The Business Council of Westchester supports the adoption of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s “Made In America Manufacturing Act”. The legislation would establish and manage a revolving loan fund to provide manufactures low-interest loans for construction of new facilities or for retooling, retrofitting or expanding existing plans, including equipment, infrastructure or energy efficiency upgrades. The legislation also creates job training programs that match up with the skill needs of manufactures and implement on-the-job training, off site training, classroom and on site experimental learning in partnership with education institutions.

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