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Labor and Employment

The Business Council of Westchester opposes the interference of New York State in the
relationship between the state’s private employers and their employees. Legislation on issues that should be routinely negotiated locally between employers and employees is constantly being introduced and at times approved by the Legislature and the Governor. In addition, there has been an increase in granting the Department of Labor greater enforcement authority and increased employer penalties without demonstrating
that current enforcement authority is insufficient. Collectively these actions create
an anti-business climate that is a detriment to positive economic development.

The Business Council of Westchester opposes the following legislation:

  • Wage mandates for private sector employees, especially in the area of
    prevailing wage.

  • Time-off mandates. 

  • Paid family leave, using the disability insurance system for the payment  of disability benefits to non-disabled employees (currently excluded by Congress
    from the federal program) absent from work on family care matters.

  • The automatic indexing of unemployment benefits.

The Business Council will continue to urge the Governor and the Legislature to repeal the section of the Wage Theft Prevention Act that requires the annual pay notification signature requirement for all private sector employees. The repeal of this measure passed the State Senate last year, but was not voted on by the State Assembly.

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